Mold Inspection & Mold Testing in The Villages

The Villages Mold Inspection, Assessment, Testing and Sampling

Indoor air pollutants produce the same symptoms as many illnesses including, fatigue, headaches, nausea, scratchy throat, and nasal irritation.

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The Villages Mold Inspection and Testing Experts

Are you looking for a Mold Inspection or Testing specialist in The Villages?

If so, reach out to Markham Services!

If you suspect that your property in The Villages has a mold problem, you should act promptly to prevent a bigger issue!

For 20 years, our certified and licensed mold inspectors have been carrying out specialized services. We are members of the National Organization of Remediators and Mold inspectors (NORMI) and of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Why Choose Markham Services

1. Every inspection is supervised and conducted by a trained Certified Mold Inspector.

2. Our evaluations of your property are factual and not motivated by the potential of securing costly remediation contracts.

Markham Services conducts mold inspection, mold and allergen testing and preventive maintenance in your home, apartment, workplace, beach rental or commercial property.

Greatly contributing to the community’s safety and health, we have developed efficient methods to resolve mold issues. Our objective is to make your Villages property livable and free from the damaging presence of molds.

Ethical Services

Our services are deliberately limited to inspections, testing and reporting. It is our strong conviction that environmental inspectors should not profit from problems they discover in the course of their investigations. For that reason, we purposely don’t engage in the business of Mold remediation.

As a client of Markham Services, you can be confident knowing that our evaluations of your property are unbiased, factual and not motivated by the potential of securing costly remediation contracts. We commit ourselves to integrity by adhering to honesty, efficiency and professionalism when reporting and carrying out our services.

Our Mold Services in The Villages

Mold Inspection

When conducting the mold inspection, our Certified Mold Inspector will walk around both the exterior and the interior of your Villages property. He will check for cracks around the walls and deteriorated window caulking.

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Mold Testing

Our Certified Mold Inspector will conduct a high-quality assessment of the moisture in your Villages property. He will also collect various samples to determine the air quality. These samples will then be sent to the IAHA accredited laboratory for a more extensive analysis.

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Post Remediation Tests

Markham Services’ post mold-remediation verification testing is the inspection and retesting of areas that have undergone remediation. The purpose is to ensure that the remediation was successful.

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For more specific information regarding mold removal and inspection questions and concerns, call Markham Services to speak to a Certified Professional.

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When should you Test for Mold in your property in The Villages?

You should test for mold if:

If your allergies or asthma worsen, it can be an indication of mold growth. This is because mold is an allergen.

Water leaks commonly lead to mold growth. Leaks should be repaired immediately, and a specialist should be called to remove moisture from the unit.

It’s common to smell mold before you see it since its spores are microscopic. You may notice a moldy or musty odor.

Brown, black or green spots are a common indication of mold. It may be found on interior walls, furniture or inside closets.

Mold thrives in environments with moisture. When moisture levels are too high in your home, you may see condensation on the windows.

It can be disappointing to buy a new home and find mold. That’s why, before signing on the dotted line, you should call a mold inspector to conduct a moisture and mold test.