Mold Testing

Are you concerned that mold is present in your Central Florida home or place of business? At Markham Services we offer professional mold testing you can count on. All of our mold testing samples are sent to an AIHA accredited laboratory for extensive review analysis.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, call us immediately. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse.

Mold has been around for more than 3 billion years. Most mold is quite harmless, and we have all lived with mold mostly without incident. Toxic molds though can be a whole other issue.

Black mold, in particular, can be quite harmful to your health and lead to many respiratory issues. Most common issues include persistent headaches, chronic fatigue, rashes, chronic sneezing and coughing, and irritation to the eyes.

Mold testing is about making sure your spaces are healthy by guaranteeing that you don’t have uncontrolled mold growth on your property. The demand for mold testing services in Florida are rising as more and more people are starting to realize just how big of an impact mold can have on your health.

We intentionally limit our services to mold inspections, testing, and reporting. We strongly believe that environmental inspectors should not profit from the problems they uncover during their tests. To keep our clients’ best interests in mind, we purposely do not engage in mold remediation.

As our client, you can rest assured that our evaluations are unbiased and not motivated by the potential of securing costly remediation contracts.

How does Markham Services Perform Mold Testing?

The easy part is, believe it or not, determining that there is mold present in the home. The value in the testing lies in the experience of the tester and how thorough they are.

All of our mold testing samples are sent to an IAHA accredited laboratory for extensive review analysis. This allows us to determine specific types and levels of contaminants that may be affecting your indoor environment.

A Markham Services mold test involves collecting samples in order to:

  • Identify the types of mold present
  • Quantify the levels of molds present

The three most common types of samples used in our mold inspection are:

  • Surface samples (testing mold growth on surfaces)
  • Air samples (testing airborne mold spores)
  • Dust samples (mold DNA analysis)

The primary objectives of mold sampling are to:

  • Confirm or rule out the probability that mold is originating from suspect condition indoors.
  • Assess the potential for property damage caused by mold without invasive procedures.
  • Assess the potential negative impact of mold on indoor air quality.

Benefits of Testing for Mold

A mold test has several benefits. The benefits are as follows:

  • Confirming mold presence
  • Locating moisture source(s)
  • Assessing and eliminating potential health risks
  • Providing evidence for litigation/insurance claims
  • Planning a mold remediation
  • Validating job completion

Additional Reasons for Testing

Recent Water Damage

Water damage and large mold infestations go hand in hand. And, since floodwater usually contains dangerous microbe, mold will usually start growing within 48 hours.

Before and after any mold remediation project

Testing the air quality after a mold remediation can help determine whether the cleanup was successful.

An unusual or musty odor

If you notice a moldy, musty odor, then there is a high likelihood of mold contamination. MVOC’s (Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds) is an off-gassing of the molds as they are feeding and reproducing.

Health concerns

You should also test for mold if you are suffering from unusual symptoms while at home or in the workplace. Common mold symptoms include respiratory problems, headaches, and fatigue.

Should I have Mold Testing Performed in My House?

Are you having difficulty breathing? Or, are you experiencing headaches and sneezing frequently? If so, mold could be the culprit.

In this case, an indoor air quality test is necessary. Sometimes, however, the test may not be that necessary. This is often the case where the cause of the mold growth is pretty obvious. For example, when your home’s roof is leaking.

What constitutes a need for a test is not knowing whether or not there is mold in your Orlando home.

If you’re purchasing a home, having the air tested for mold presence is in your best interest. This is because the outcome of the test could alter the decision to continue with the transaction or the terms of the real estate transaction.

Purchasing a home and then discovering it has a mold problem is the last thing any home buyer would want.

When mold is visible, even in a house you are buying, it’s possible to not have to move forward with testing. In such a case, you would need to hire a mold inspection service.

Should I Test for Mold in My Home With A Mold Testing Kit?

The truth is that off-the-shelf home mold testing kits don’t have what it takes to accurately test for mold. If the mold problem is just at the initial stages, it may not reveal anything until the problem worsens.

Professional testing, however, gives a good idea of how bad the problem is.

Markham Services offers comprehensive mold testing services that follow EPA guidelines across Central Florida. Click here for the areas we serve