How to Prevent Mold While You're On Vacation

If you’re planning a long vacation, mold prevention is something that may not be on your mind. But if no one is attending your home while you’re on vacation, it’s possible that you’ll come home to mold growth.

Mold can grow within 48 to 72 hours after a certain area is exposed. What’s more, it can quickly spread to other areas of your home, and it’s possible that it could affect your entire house.

If you don’t want to come home to a mold problem, we at Markham Services have put together these simple tips before you go on vacation and while you’re away:

Run Your Air Conditioning

If you go on a holiday, it’s more likely that you will turn off all appliances because they’re not in use, including your air conditioner.

After all, it is a great time to save on electricity costs. But your air conditioner does more things aside from keeping your house cool. If you keep your HVAC system running even while you’re away, you keep the air moving.

You don’t have to keep the temperature too cold. All you need is to let the air run to prevent the temperature from rising too high. If your HVAC system has a built-in humidifier, it can also help prevent condensation from forming in your property.

Change Your Air Filters

Ideally, you should change your air filter every three months to help maintain your HVAC system. Air filters prevent tiny mold spores from getting through the air ducts. But keep in mind that air filters do not totally stop active mold infestation. But at least it can stop mold spores from turning into a serious problem while you are away.

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Before you go, make sure to check your filters. If you have just recently replaced them, at least make sure that they are thoroughly clean before you leave. If you are not sure, you make check with your HVAC supplier to see if you need to change your filter.

Inspect the Property

Leakage, including any type of water damage, is one of the major sources of mold infestation. If you want to prevent mold growth, make sure to perform a routine inspection to check your property for any leaks.

When inspecting the property, check both the interior and exterior of the house. Make sure to check every area, as water damage does not only come from a leaky faucet, burst pipe, wooden structures, or broken appliances.

Check the Interior

Any appliance could leak. So, before you leave, inspect your appliances, including refrigerators, ice machines, air conditioners, dishwashers, and any other appliance that could leak. Check for possible loose connections, broken seals, cracks, and other damage that may release water or condensation.

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All you need to do is check your appliances for any possible leak. But if you are not sure how to do it, you should schedule an inspection with a certified technician to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Check the Exterior

You should also inspect the exterior of your home for any loose shingles or cracks in the foundation. Check the seals of your windows and doors to ensure that they are still working well. Replace any seals that are no longer working.

Remove Any Laundry

Planning for a vacation can be overwhelming as sometimes, there are several tasks left undone. But before you leave, make sure to finish your laundry. Wet and dirty clothes can create an atmosphere ideal for mold growth.

If you don’t want to create a breeding ground for mold in your house, make sure to take care of your laundry as much as possible. If you don’t have enough time to wash everything, at least make sure that nothing is left wet or damp.

Lower the Humidity

Before you leave for your holiday, take some time to lower the humidity in your house. After you shower, take a few minutes to ventilate the bathroom properly. You should also ventilate other rooms where condensation builds, like the kitchen and toilet. Run a fan or open the windows to air out your house to clear off humidity.

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Before opening your windows, make sure to check the humidity levels outside, or the problem will become worse. If the humidity outside is high, you may just want to open the curtains or blinds so the moisture and humidity can evaporate faster.

Solving Mold Issues

Mold growth can cause many health issues, including breathing problems and skin allergies. That is why mold prevention is a must. Mold can grow in humid and damp places. Mold spores can quickly travel in the air and spread throughout the other areas in your house.

If you plan on leaving your home unattended for quite some time, it’s possible for mold growth to occur while you are away. The tips above can help prevent mold infestation and damage to your property, while you’re on a holiday.

Bottom Line

In case you encounter any mold problems, it’s best to call a mold removal expert to help get rid of mold infestation in your property. Mold removal professionals have the necessary tools and skills needed for fighting mold growth.

Even if there is no mold growth yet, it’s best to work with one for regular inspections to keep your home healthy and mold-free. If you need help in getting rid of mold growth from your home, call Markham Services at 407-913-6363.