Tips For A Mold-Free Laundry Room

As homeowners, we do our best to keep mold growth from appearing. Not only is mold harmful to our health, it’s also unpleasant to look at. Oftentimes, we focus on mold growth in areas of our home like the bathroom, kitchen and basement. However, we often forget about the laundry room.

A laundry room is the perfect breeding ground for mold growth. It houses humidity, moisture, heat from the dryer and your soiled clothing. That said, although the laundry room can have mold presence, there are ways to prevent it.

Preventing mold growth in your laundry room will ensure you keep respiratory illnesses and allergies to a minimum. In this article, Markham Services will provide you with ways you can keep your laundry room in your Florida home mold-free.

1. Check For Water Damage

Water is the prime culprit for mold’s proliferation in a home. That’s why it’s important to inspect your laundry room.

  • Do you spot any water leaks?
  • Are there water stains?

Trace the source and make sure it’s fixed. Otherwise, mold presence is sure to grow. Important places to check are beneath and behind your washer.

2. Keep Away From Damp Towels And Wet Garments

Remove damp and wet clothing or materials promptly from your laundry basket and wash them immediately. Mold is quick to find an opportunity to breed its colony in damp garments.

If you’re doing your laundry, make sure you’re able to take out the garments from the machine after they spin. You don’t want to let them sit in the machine for too long because it will contribute to mold contamination.

3. Clean And Maintain Your Washer

It’s a good practice to regularly clean your washer. One way to cleanse the machine is by pouring special detergents. If mold has started to exist, you can get rid of it by using a solution of vinegar and hot water.

All you must do is scrub the mold-infected surface with the solution. You can then start a wash cycle with the vinegar solution. This is an effective way to remove existing mold that is hidden from your view. Afterwards, you can wipe down the moisture in your machine and leave it open for air circulation. Do this at least once a month.

washing machine with clothes

4. Clean And Maintain Your Dryer

For your dryer to perform at its highest function, there should be no obstruction in the vent. You can achieve this by frequently removing any lint. This will let moisture escape which will prevent mold growth. You should also be alert when a musty smell is emitted from the dryer. That can indicate that its time to clean the dryer’s vent.

5. Ensure Proper Ventilation

While doing laundry, open your doors and windows so the air is free flowing. It helps to use a fan too for air circulation. The objective here is to reduce the heat so humidity is at a minimal. This equates to a lesser chance for mold growth.

6. Use A Dehumidifier

Since mold loves moist areas, a dehumidifier can be a good option to prevent mold growth. This device can greatly reduce the presence of mold. It’s a good idea to contain the humidity level between 30% and 50%. It’s also good practice to regularly clean your dehumidifier’s air filter to prevent dust from building up.

7. Frequently Do Your Laundry

Dirty laundry attracts mold as it acts like a food source for it. So, avoid piling your laundry and be sure to wash your clothes more often. If stacks of dirty clothes are gathered together, this can also cause humidity. Therefore, it’s advisable to habitually wash your soiled clothes.

8. Use Desiccants In The Laundry Room

Desiccants, such as silica gel packets, are items you’ll often find when you buy a new bag. They’re helpful to keep areas dry. Scatter these silica gel packets to absorb moisture in locations notorious for mold growth.

9. Control Temperature And Moisture

Most laundry rooms are located in basements, and this is typically a dark and warm-aired place. That means that it’s a prime location for mold growth.

It’s best to control the temperature and moisture in your basement. If you see any gaps or cracks in the walls, immediately seal the gaps. If moisture is coming out from the ground, you need to address the groundwater issue. Additionally, be vigilant about leaks since basements are known for being easily flooded with its lower ground location.

moisture on window mold

10. Invest In A New Washer

If it seems like mold continues to fester in your machine, consider buying a new washer that’s designed with microbial defense features. This will remove bacteria and inhibit mold growth. It provides an extra layer of protection for you, keeping your fabrics fragrant. As long as you perform regular cleaning, mold, fungi and other undesirable microorganisms will be eliminated.

Bottom Line

Mold is hazardous and once it starts to grow in your laundry room, it can be challenging to remediate. Prevention is always better and these tips can safeguard you from the quick and insidious spread of mold in your Florida home.

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