Longwood and Lake Mary Mold Testing and Inspection

Lake Mary/Longwood Area Mold Inspection, Assessment, Testing and Sampling

Mold Inspection

The presence of mold in homes, schools, rental properties and businesses is a real health concern in the Longwood/Lake Mary area and the rest of Seminole County. Mold can thrive on virtually any organic material such as wood, paper, carpet, food, insulation, etc. Just add water and in 48 hours mold can begin to grow.

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Mold Testing

If you smell musty odors indoors, if your property has experienced a roof leak, a plumbing leak, or a flood – past or present, mold testing is warranted. Prompt action can mean the difference between an inexpensive repair project or a several thousand dollar mold remediation job.

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Post Remediation Tests

Simply stated; a Markham Services post mold-remediation verification testing (also called clearance testing) is the inspection and retesting of areas in a building that have undergone remediation work to ensure that the remediation was successful.

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Longwood and Lake Mary Area Mold Inspection and Testing Experts

Markham Services is a company dedicated to the detection and prevention of mold and other microbial contaminants in the Longwood, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Sweetwater, The Springs, Markham Woods Road and surrounding Seminole County areas. Accordingly, we provide professional services for mold inspection, mold and allergen testing and preventive maintenance. We inspect and test for molds and other microbial contaminants in your home, apartment, workplace, rental or commercial property.

Every inspection project is personally supervised and conducted by a trained Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Indoor Environmentalist committed to providing the utmost integrity and maintaining the highest standards of skill and practice in the environmental inspection profession.

Service Limitations

At Markham Services, our services are deliberately limited to inspections, testing and reporting. It is our strong conviction that environmental inspectors should not profit from problems they discover in the course of their investigations. For that reason, we are purposely not engaged in the business of Mold remediation.

As a Markham Services client you can be confident knowing that our evaluations of your property are unbiased, factual and not motivated by the potential of securing costly remediation contracts.