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Indoor air pollutants in Jacksonville produce the same symptoms as many illnesses including, fatigue, headaches, nausea, scratchy throat, and nasal irritation.

To get a clear picture of your Jacksonville home's indoor air quality call us today for a test at 727-216-7492 or 863-213-5022. If we suspect mold, you'll know soon enough. As an environmental testing company, we also make sure none of our mold testing is toxic to you or your home or hinder mold remediation.
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Jacksonville Mold Inspection and Mold Testing Experts

If you suspect a black mold problem in your Jacksonville home, act promptly and employ professional mold testing services - contact Markham Services!

We are a professional Mold Inspection and Mold Testing business with over two decades of Jacksonville mold inspection experience. Our mold inspection company provides great customer service and prevents more mold growing in our Jacksonville clients' properties, making sure your air quality is as good as possible after taking air samples.

Things like air quality can go unchecked and lead to serious health issues. At Markham, testing air quality is one of our top priorities in order to keep you safe. Testing the air quality can tell us if there's toxicity or other dangers.

Serious and extreme issues like mold deserve on the extremely professional services of a proven Jacksonville, FL professional like Markham. Our duty to keep you safe comes before our mentality as a business owner.

We are a member of NORMI and IICRC and provide quality service to all our clients without unsanctioned environmental testing.

Why Choose Us

1. We have Certified Jacksonville, FL Inspectors of Mold who will handle and supervise each inspection.

2. We eliminate biases and external influences to offer quality.

Our mold business services include: mold inspections, structural drying, environmental testing, air quality testing, consultation and a thorough assessment of mold damage in residential and commercial clients properties using specialized equipment in the Jacksonville, FL area.

If you spot an issue in your Jacksonville, Florida home, condo unit or commercial property, let us help, whether it's toxicity, checking air quality, or mold remediation. Our Jacksonville, FL services will ensure it becomes a safer and healthier environment.

Ethical Services

We are an extremely professional Florida company that is strongly guided by ethics and limits itself to inspections, testing and reporting. We don’t believe in profiting from your problems before, during, or after a mold assessment. For this reason, we do not provide mold remediation services and cannot remove mold from your home.

Mold removal services and mold remediation aren't a part of our business because we want to prove to you that your safety is our first priority. Remediation services may fix the current problem, but we work with you to prevent mold in the first place or stop mold growth in its tracks, avoiding things like restoration services.

The remediation process can be long and tricky, but with us, you'll have tips on carpet cleaning and other cleaning practices that will make sure you avoid the need for remediation or restoration services. Proper window ad carpet cleaning can help prevent further mold.

Our job is to perform our services honestly, efficiently and professionally. Our evaluations of your home are unbiased, factual and not motivated by the potential of securing costly mold remediation contracts.

Our Jacksonville, Florida Mold Services

Mold Inspection

A mold inspection services in Jacksonville, Florida, assesses if water damage exists in the home. Typically, the Certified Mold Inspector will conduct a physical and visual inspection, air sampling, environmental testing and surface sampling. This process normally takes 2 hours depending on the size of the property and cleaning solutions available.

Our Certified Mold Inspectors are extremely knowledgeable and will provide professional work covering the entire process with your home project or otherwise. Our home inspection services are some of the very best as our certified technicians track down any mold spores others may leave behind. We check everything from carpet cleaning to windows.

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Mold Testing

With this service, we will determine the degree and type of mold issue present in your unit or affected materials through our proper testing process. Once we collect the mold testing samples, we send them to an American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited laboratory for a more detailed analysis and to prevent cross contamination and microbial growth.

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Post Mold Remediation Tests

Our post remediation verification testing, or clearance testing, is the inspection and retesting of areas in the unit that have undergone remediation work to ensure that the mold remediation was successful and there are no more mold spores. Mold can pose great health risks, so it's important to be thorough.

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Mold damage can cause structural damage that needs the help of professional damage restoration teams. Damage restoration can be expensive, so we work to prevent damage and avoid damage restoration needs. With us inspecting your home, you'll save so much in damage restoration bills. We even go as far as to do an air quality test for extra protection.

Get results in as little as 24 hours

For more specific information regarding mold removal and inspection questions and concerns, or if you suspect an issue, call Markham Services to speak to a Certified Professional. We provide a very detailed report, available in metric and imperial units, that helps you sort out your mold issues with all the details about how to proceed and any affected materials.

We'll get your house back to normal in a timely manner, no matter if we're testing mold or air quality. Get a free estimate today!
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When Should you Test for Mold in your Jacksonville, Florida Property?

You should test for mold if:

Mold is an allergen. Therefore, if your asthma or allergens seem to worsen, it can be an indication of mold growth.

Oftentimes, it grows in a unit because of a water or plumbing leaks. For this reason, leaks should be repaired immediately. You should also call a specialist to remove moisture from your home.

Mold commonly has a moldy or musty odor. You may begin to smell the mold before you see it because mold spores are microscopic. Poor carpet cleaning can cause a perfect environment for mold.

You may visually see the mold on your walls, furnishings, or inside your closets. The presence of mold may look like brown, black or green spots. Our certified technicians will know when a spot needs damage restoration.

Condensation on the windows is a sign that growth may be present as this occurs when moisture levels in your home are too high. Mold thrives in this type of environment, even after mold removal services.

To prevent mold damage, you should have a moisture examination performed by an accredited inspector or mold remediation company. Be a very satisfied customer and call us today!