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Daytona Beach Mold Inspection, Assessment, Testing and Sampling

Mold and other indoor air pollutants produce the same symptoms as many illnesses including, fatigue, headaches, nausea, scratchy throat, and nasal irritation.

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Mold Inspection and Testing Experts

Have you noticed a strange smell or growth in and around the walls or floors of your home?

We don’t recommend you wait for your mold problem to turn into an emergency before booking a mold inspection. After all, if you let a mold problem escalate, it may not be covered by your insurance.

At Markham Services, we specialize in mold inspection, air testing, consultation, and analysis of residential and commercial properties.

Let our experienced contractors permanently resolve your mold problem in your Daytona Beach home, apartment, workplace, beach rental, commercial property, or other location. The mold remediation process can be quick if you catch it early. The entire process doesn't have to be a headache when you choose us.

Why Choose Markham Services

1. Every inspection is supervised and conducted by a Certified Mold Inspector.

2. We are a neutral third-party service, so you won’t have to worry about the quality or objectivity of our evaluations.

Markham Services is a business with over 10 years of experience providing solutions to mold problems.

We are dedicated to the detection and prevention of mold growth and other microbial contaminants in Daytona Beach FL and its surrounding areas.

We are trained professional mold inspection specialists in the Daytona Beach FL area who can get started quickly to prepare you for the removal of mold, to help you get your home or business back to normal fast.

Ethical Services

It is our strong conviction that an environmental inspection service should not profit from problems they discover in the course of their investigations. For this reason, we don’t provide mold removal or damage restoration.

Our mold services are consciously limited to inspections, testing and reporting, and not services that remove mold or damage restoration. Because we provide inspection, testing, and reporting but not the removal of mold or restoration, you can trust that we’re not recommending unnecessary services.

As a Markham Services client, you can expect an honest, efficient, and professional quality of service. We can inform you of what remmoval and restoration may be necessary, and check after the removal or restoration has been completed to ensure removal or restoration has been successful.

Our Daytona Beach Mold Services

Mold Inspection

One of the worst contaminants is the dangerous and silent growth of mold in your home or business.

A certified, professional inspector will conduct a full visual inspection of the property. This includes areas of concern and general areas that are known to attract mold.

Mold likes to grow indoors on wet or damp surfaces. Our inspectors will check places such as foundations, wallpaper, HVAC, gutters, ceiling tiles, drywall, carpets, insulation material, and wood.

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Mold Testing

Mold can start to grow within 48 hours.

Without removal, mold can have serious effects on both your quality of life and your home’s physical structure.

We will inspect all interior walls with a moisture meter or thermal camera to identify areas more likely to have hidden mold.
Central Florida Mold Remediation Testing

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Post Remediation Tests

We will perform a post inspection and testing to determine that all removal was properly done and was successful.

Our mold inspection and testing also includes determining the success of mold removal by checking the results of your professional mold remediation in Daytona Beach.

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Get results in as little as 24 hours

For more specific information regarding your personal mold inspection questions and concerns, or to book an inspection date, call Markham to speak to a certified Daytona Beach Florida Professional.
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When should you Test for Mold in your Daytona Beach, FL Property?

You should test for mold if:

Do you notice your allergic reactions are worse when you’re in your Daytona Beach area home, but you feel better when you go out?

If so, it’s likely that you require removal of mold.

If you find that your allergies are worse in other buildings, like your workplace, then it is possible that mold is growing there as well.

If you know you’ve had some water problems in your Daytona Beach home, then it’s a pretty good sign that you could have mold.

Some signs that you have a moisture problem include water stains or discoloration on walls, floors or ceilings in your house.

Seeing these could be a clue that there is mold growing within or behind the material and can affect indoor air quality. Check all closets, under sinks, under stairs, around windows/doors, or any areas where water is present.

When you have mold growing hidden away in your Daytona Beach area house, often a moldy smell might be the only clue that it’s there, but mold testing can confirm.

Indoor air quality isn't the only thing that matters. Don’t ignore mold odors if you can’t see any mold. You should thoroughly inspect your home before any mold problems get worse.

Visible mold growth might seem like an obvious sign of mold, but it’s important to get in touch with professional mold remediation experts once you notice it.

Many people ignore or don’t notice small amounts of mold growth, or they think it’s just dirt.

If you don’t focus on mold remediation right away, it will soon become a bigger problem. Visible mold growth could be a sign that there is a much larger mold colony growing hidden away from sight.

You become aware of condensation on the windows, which can be a symptom of the necessity for mold removal.

Moisture on windows is usually a sign that moisture levels in your Daytona Beach area home are too high.

Before thinking of buying a home in the Daytona Beach area, don’t move in without having a moisture and mold test performed by mold remediation experts.

Make sure you hire a Daytona Beach inspection company that has the training and the experience to get you the facts.