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Do you suspect that your Azalea Park house has mold? Can you smell the mold spores in the air? You need to call in an experienced and reliable mold inspector to carry out an inspection.

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Having built our reputation in Central Florida for more than 2 decades, Markham Services offers a wide range of services; from mold inspection to testing to post-remediation services. Our services are offered by a team of experienced, certified, and well-trained experts who are the best in the industry.

If your property is rented out, it may be difficult to ask your tenants to conduct monthly inspections of the property. And even if they do, do they know where to look for the signs of mold infestation? You need an experienced and expert professional who is able to conduct a thorough inspection and recommend appropriate solutions.

Get in touch today with Markham Services. We can create a customized package that will cover frequent testing, inspection, and remediation services. Call us today and book an appointment with one of our teams if you suspect mold growth in your Azalea Park.

Our Azalea Park Mold Services

As the leading service provider in the region, we are relied upon by our growing list of clients to attend to their mold needs. Markham Services offers a wide range of services.

Ethical Services

Markham Services is committed to conducting services with honesty, efficiency and professionalism. We don’t accept mold remediation contracts because we don’t believe in profiting from your problems.

You can trust that, as our client, you will be receiving unbiased and factual evaluations of your property.

Some of them have been detailed below:


Once you book an appointment with Markham Services, expect a certified and experienced mold inspector to carry out a thorough inspection of both the exterior and interior. They will be on the lookout for signs of a mold inspection.

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Mold Testing

Mold testing involves a measurement of the moisture levels in your house. Markham Services uses the latest technology in the market. Our team of experts uses thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to inspect the crawl spaces and look into your walls.

Testing also includes taking air, dust, and surface samples to an IAHA laboratory. We are known for our comprehensive and detailed services throughout Azalea Park. Email or call us and schedule your appointment for mold testing services.

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Post-Remediation Tests

After successful remediation of the mold in your house, you need to carry out retesting to ensure that you are in the clear. Markham Services offers post-remediation services.

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When You Should Request for a Mold Inspection and Testing Service?

From our experience, most landlords and tenants don’t know of the signs that precede a mold infestation on their property. We recommend that you get in touch with us immediately when you see or smell or experience any of the following:

Asthma or Outbreak of Allergies

While allergens may vary from one person to another, mold is a typical allergen for most patients with asthma. If you cannot pinpoint an allergen in the house or unit, it might be that mold allergen is in the air and thus the main causative agent.

Water Leakage

If you have had a serious case of water leakage in the recent past, it might be prudent to have a mold inspection conducted on the premises. Water tends to increase the humidity in the house, especially in the crawl spaces, basements, and attics. And who better to conduct the inspection than the leading crew in Azalea park, Markham Services?

A Musty Smell in the Air

It may be difficult to be able to visibly see the growth of mold as they tend to grow in humid and hard-to-access areas. However, what gives them away is the musty smell they produce thanks to their spores.

If you identify an increased musty smell in the property that doesn’t go away, you need to call in the mold experts at Markham Services.

Visual Signs

Molds come in all colors. While the more common type/ species, there is also some which are yellow, orange, and a shade of brown. If you or your tenants notice spots of such color on your walls, the inside of your closets, or furniture, contact the leading service provider in the region.

Our clients in Azalea Park can attest to the quality of our services.

Purchase of a New Home

Looking to buy a new home in the area? Congratulations! There is no better investment for you and your household. As you consider signing the contract and making the final payment, have you carried out a mold inspection for your house?

Surprisingly, many potential homeowners don’t do so. This lack of comprehensive due diligence has come to haunt them in the future. Get in touch with Markham Services today and request to have a mold inspection and moisture test performed by one of our professional inspectors. This will give you the confidence to append your signature to the document.

Living in Azalea Park

For those who are tired of living in the city, one of the recommended places to choose to live in is Azalea Park. The suburb is situated only a few miles away in the renowned Orange County.

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention Azalea Park is the beautiful weather. You can expect close to 300 days of sunshine when you choose to call Azalea Park home. No more chilly weather and heavy parkas during winter.

Quality schooling is another allure of Azalea Park. The public school district is known for the comprehensive schooling that it offers. Some of the notable mentions include Winter Park High School, Orlando Science Middle Charter School, and Pinecrest Collegiate Academy Charter.

The different amenities in Azalea Park have attracted many professionals to the area. The community living here is a mix of cultures and races. Any new resident can fit right in and feel right at home.

With its beautiful weather all year round, quality of schooling, and quality of life, it is no surprise that Azalea Park is a targeted place to reside for most households. To ensure that you and your household enjoy the amenities of your house, get in touch with Markam services for mold inspection and testing today.