Central Florida Mold Inspection Professionals

thermal_imaging_1The presence of mold in homes, schools and business is of growing concern in the Orlando area and the rest of the Florida. Mold can thrive on virtually any organic material such as wood, paper, carpet, food, insulation, etc. Just add water and in 48 hours mold can begin to grow. Any time water intrusion occurs, be it a major flood or a minor plumbing leak that was not immediately and thoroughly dried out, there is a high probability of mold growth. Mold can cause significant aesthetic and structural damage to building materials and other personal property. Indoor mold growth can also negatively impact indoor air quality and pose certain health risks to occupants.

Mold often grows behind walls and inside ceiling and floor cavities long before it is ever detected. By the time you start smelling an unpleasant odor rest assured mold has been growing somewhere for some time and every day is growing more. If you suspect you have mold growing indoors, the time to act is sooner rather than later.

Mold inspections and mold testing are the means to identifying indoor mold problems. Most often inspections and testing work best in conjunction with each other, however, there are instances when certain questions can be answered with one or the other. Understanding the difference between inspections and testing will help you get the answers you’re looking for. This web page focuses on mold inspections. For information about mold testing see our Mold Testing Page.

What Is A Mold Inspection?

A Markham Services mold inspection is a non-destructive visual inspection for mold and conditions that cause mold in buildings. The purpose of a mold inspection is to identify and document visible evidence Thermal imaging infrared camera used in AMI mold inspection of mold growth, moisture issues, and other suspect conditions that are indicators of indoor mold growth. With state-of-the-art technology such as Bore scope imaging cameras and electronic moisture detection equipment, no major physical damage is ever done to any structure.

What Will I Learn From A Mold Inspection?

The goal of a mold inspection is to determine:

  • Is mold growing or has mold growth occurred indoors
  • What conditions exist that would cause indoor mold growth
  • What areas of the structure have been effected
  • What conditions still exist that may promote further mold growth
  • What steps should be taken to properly address your mold issue

For results within 24 hours

For more specific information regarding your personal mold inspection questions and concerns, call Markham Services to speak to a Certified Professional.