Central Florida Certified Mold Testing

All of our mold testing samples are sent to an AIHA accredited laboratory for extensive review analysis. This allows us to determine specific types and levels of contaminants that may be affecting your indoor environment.

Toxic Mold TestingA Markham Services mold test involves collecting samples in order to:

  1. IDENTIFY the types of mold present
  2. QUANTIFY the levels (amount) of molds present

The three most common types of samples used in our mold inspection are:

  1. Surface samples (testing mold growth on surfaces)
  2. Air samples (testing airborne mold spores)
  3. Dust samples (mold DNA analysis)

The primary objectives of mold sampling are to:

    1. Confirm or rule out the probability that mold is originating from suspect condition indoors.
    2. Assess the potential for property damage caused by mold without invasive procedures.
    3. Assess the potential negative impact of mold on indoor air quality.
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For more specific information regarding your personal mold inspection questions and concerns, call Markham Services to speak to a Certified Professional.